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Whenever we respray cars and other vehicles we get a great sense of turning time back. To take a vehicle that was scratched, dented and not looked after and make it flat and shiney again is a real accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if its a car respray, van or motorbike respray, all have their own challenges and reasons for being resprayed.

To respray car correctly all the bumpers, mouldings, mirrors and any other trims that are easily removed should be removed. There are two reasons for removing trims and bumpers etc, firstly from the point of overspray not getting on the edges of the parts you dont want to respray. Secondly when parts are very close together it is hard to sand them fully, this can lead to flaking paint at later stages of the cars life especially if the owner uses a jet washer. A good car respray should have a lasting shine and body repairs that are stable and do not sink (sinkage is fine prep scratches under the top coat that appear over time), using the best equipment and materials will achieve this.

We use Lechler water based basecoats with a high solid clear coat for maximum protection. All our repairs are skimmed over with dolphing glaze 2k stopper first then primed with a 5:1 high build primer for lasting stability. Everything we spray and our car paintwork repair process is done in our low bake oven and either baked off at 65c or infra red dried, nothing is left to chance.

We respray cars to improve the resale value

A good car respray is an investment and will add value or keep the value of your car when you come to sell it on. When we respray cars we are always thinking of how can we make them look natural, like they are just great untouched cars and not resprayed cars. The attention to detail of all the edges is important on a full respray, we use various techniques to make sure there are minimum edges or none at all.

Another important thing when respraying cars is to make sure there are little or no particles in the paintwork. Of course it all depends on how much you pay as budget spray jobs often lack finesse, we polish all our paintwork after spraying no matter how good it comes off the spray gun. There is a difference to the trained eye of a car respray

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Tel: 0770 952 0116